The solar eclipse will start in about an hour.  Millions (or so I hear) have flocked to Oregon for this auspicious event.  Our normally quiet hamlet is buzzing with small planes flying overhead, our neighbors are all outside talking to each other fences, everyone is abuzz.  We live in a great spot to see it, right along the river up on the mountainside with what looks like will be a perfect view.

The first thing I think of when I think of a solar eclipse is that Stephen King movie Dolores Claiborne.  Dolores finds out her husband abused their daughter and decides to kill him during the solar eclipse.  Dark, eh?  I always loved that movie.  Not because of how seemingly dark it is (although I’m drawn to that to!) but because it’s about the friendship of two women who took their life back after not having any control for years.

All signs point to reclaiming your life, a new start, changing old patterns or shedding old skin during an eclipse.  I’ve meditated, written pages and pages in my journal, and pulled tarot cards.  Sage is burning, I’m ready.  I feel like I’ve been shedding old ways of doing things for a while and this is the beginning of a fresh start for me.

Almost five years ago Eric and I created the ultimate fresh start.   We quit two stable and well paying jobs, put our house up for rent and moved to Portland, OR.  A town we’d only been to once on vacation.  Five years later we are thriving in a beautiful home recently purchased, Eric’s company is wildly successful, and I finally have a job I love and am inspired by (also exhausted by) every day.

Change is the only constant.  Nothing feels better to me than getting out of old habits and starting new ones.  The time is now, and I’m jumping in with both feet.

This book was recommended by Joanna Devoe, whom I adore!  I have loved every page and highly recommend this if you’re into moon cycles and such things.  My card pull for the Eclipse was the King Of Cups and I am THRILLED!

Hope this Eclipse treated will you well friends!  More soon…

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